Commercial Vehicle Industry
AGV is used in SPS distribution of interior line, process transfer of packing line and material distribution of welding line, and the application products are mainly latent and negative AGV.

AGV application field

Application mode

AGV type

Project income

Cab assembly line

SPS dispatching

Latent type

Delivery on time, efficiency improvement


Distribution personnel costs are reduced


Replace forklifts and eliminate fuel consumption


SPS distribution to prevent the error



Main assembly line

SPS distribution, single-piece flow

Latent type, traction type

Sub-assembly line (dashboard, bridge, engine, frame, etc.)

AGV assembly line

Back mode, latent

Welding line

Material distribution, transfer between processes

Latent type, traction type

Commercial Vehicle Industry Applications
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Delivery on time, efficiency improvement, delivery personnel cost reduction, replace forklift truck, eliminate fuel consumption, SPS distribution to prevent mistakes..
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